Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 recap (i.e., Goal Fail, but Overall Win)

So today I remembered that I had written a post back at the beginning of this year setting out some quilty goals for this year. 

Looking back on the list now, I just have to laugh.  I think immediately upon hitting publish on that post, I promptly forgot about each and every one of those goals until today.  I never even started any of those projects!  And now some of them I'm pretty sure I'll never get around to.

Instead, this year I finished the Pinwheel Baby quilt, the Perfect 10 quilt, the Verna Scruffily quilt, and pieced the Hunky Dory crazy nine-patch quilt top (which I have still never shown a picture of, and I'm still hoping I might finish this year). I also made a quilt for Quilts for Kids, burp cloths and bibs, numerous chicken saddles, a potholder, a friendship bag, a pillow, a doll quilt, some placemats, napkins, and coasters, some hexies and a holder, a scrappy hoop, and several bee blocks.  I also made a pillowcase for my daughter (finished just last week and still need a picture!) and as of today, two dog beds for my sister (she of chicken saddle fame). 

When I run through the list like that, wow, I actually got way more accomplished this year than I realized!  Even though I didn't even touch any of the goals I put on my list earlier this year, I am proud of all that I accomplished, given that I work full time, have a very high-maintenance toddler to take care of, and actually occasionally do non-crafty-related things. :)

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