Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today we had another meeting of the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild chapter.  For today's meeting, we decided last time that we would do a potholder swap.  I've never made a potholder before, but I had fun making this one and I think I might make some more in the future.

I almost didn't give this one away, I thought about keeping it and making another one to swap, it is so cute!

Potholder swap - front

Potholder swap - closeup

Potholder swap - back

And here's the one I received in the swap...isn't it cute? I love the color combination.

Potholder swap

Isn't that fun?  Next month we're going to swap little quilted tote bags.  Can't wait!

(I realize I never came back to post about the quilt show I went to last week...hopefully I'll get around to it!)

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Leslie said...

i love these made such a cute one. i love it. this guild sounds like such a fun thing