Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby gifts all done!

Along with the Pinwheel Baby Quilt I made for our dear friends who are expecting their first baby in March, I also made a flannel receiving blanket, and had plans to make coordinating bibs and burpcloths.  I finished the receiving blanket first, made the bibs along the way while working on the quilt, and obviously, finished the quilt recently.

All I needed to do to finish the planned gift was the burp cloths. I've had the burp cloths ready and waiting for the flannel to be sewn on forever, but just hadn't taken the time to get it done.  Finally this past weekend I just sat down and did it.  It was super simple and quick, I don't know why I kept putting it off.  Well, I guess I know why, I was busy making the Christmas pajamas and the quilt. :)

The bibs (which I never posted a picture of), and the completed burp cloths.  The bibs are reversible, like the receiving blanket, and there are three burp cloths of each print.  I am very relieved to finally have this gift all done, and way ahead of the March due date!  I am NEVER done with anything with this much time to spare! I am proud of myself. Now I just need to get the label sewed on the quilt and everything boxed up to be shipped out.  Hopefully I can get that taken care of before March!


Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Rome. 堅持自己所選! .........................................

Marcia said...

Very Cute! I hope your finger is getting better too! Ouch!