Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No progress.

That's what I've got to show you.  Nothing.  No progress on any projects.  Why?  Because I haven't been sewing.  I have been absolutely overwhelmed by work.  I can't remember ever having this much work to do before at one time.  It's exhausting, and by the time I get home (on the days when I actually do get home, and am not out of town) I am too tired to do anything.

I am hoping this will all let up in the next few weeks.  I'm almost through it all.  The biggest stressor of all will be over with and done next week, then a few other things to finish up in the week or so after that, and then hopefully things will be back to normal.

In the meantime, what do I do when I am stressed and busy and can't sew?  I buy fabric to make me feel better. :P

Last week, Purl Soho had a huge sale.  They had tons of great prints for just over $5/yard, some lovely flannels (Anna Maria Horner!) for just over $6/yard, Echino for $10/ was great.  So of course I couldn't pass it up.  Look at the lovely stack that came to live with me.

Purl Soho Sale

One yard each of the Modern Meadow prints (the top four), five yards of the Folksy Flannel on the bottom of the stack, and then 2 yards and 3 yards of the other two flannels.  The Modern Meadow prints are great stash builders and I cannot wait to use the flannels as some very cozy quilt backs for all the quilts I plan to make with my overflowing AMH stash.

Ahh, fabric.  It's amazing how it lifts the spirits!

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