Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm on vacation in CA right now, but had to let everyone know where I went today!

I visited Purl Soho's warehouse distribution center. And oh my, was it amazing! So much good stuff, it was overwhelming.

I finally managed to narrow down my choices. I picked up a FQ bundle of honeycomb dots in various colors, a bunch of super cute Japanese prints, a Kokka floral that I've been seeing all over blogland being used in some bee blocks that I just love, and a bunch of Anna Maria Horner voiles to add to my collection for a future voile quilt. I'm attaching a bad picture from my phone to give you an idea of what I bought (that's my Perfect 10 quilt in the background, I brought it along to work on the binding).

Next on the list is a store that specializes in Japanese fabrics, I think tomorrow... :)


mo said...

I am so jealous- a fabric warehouse! I need to get my hands on some more of those voiles.

Jill Bagley said...

so jealous. a store like that is BAAAD news for someone like me. goodbye 401 k!!!
sounds so fun.