Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm back, with a lot more fabric!

Hello everyone! I returned home yesterday from my vacation in CA, toting quite a haul of new fabric!

You know I am crazy when I tell you that I took the fabric in my carryon on the plane, because I didn't want to leave it in my checked bag and risk some unscrupulous airport employee stealing it or it getting lost if my bag was lost. LOL  Not to mention the fact that it weighed too much to add it to my bag, would have put me way over the limit!

Anyway, I am home now, sans husband and baby.  They stayed to visit a little while longer and so I am home alone with lots of time to myself! This is both good and bad.  I'm lonely, which is bad!  But I have lots of time to make fun things, which is good.  I hope I can keep myself occupied and distracted until they get back.  But I miss my baby girl (and of course my husband as well!) so much!

So here's a run down of what I picked up in CA, I know this is what you're interested in.

First, I posted this last week, but here are some better pictures.  My haul from the Purl Soho warehouse distribution center (minus the honeycomb FQ bundle, couldn't get a good picture of that with the little crappy camera I am using while my DSLR is in CA with the hubby).

First, some more quarter yard cuts of Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voiles, to add to my current collection, for my future all-voile quilt!
New stash - voiles

Next, some Japanese prints.  Russian dolls, a cute sewing print, tiny deer, three fairy tale prints, and a gorgeous Kokka floral that I've been seeing all over blogs being used in some bee blocks.  I loved that one so much I got a whole yard. I think I might use it for my bee month I have upcoming in July with the modern quilt guild.
New stash - Japanese fabrics

Next I visited a store that specializes in Japanese fabric and notions/crafts, etc.  It is called Momen+ and it is located in Torrance CA.  If you are ever anywhere near this area, GO GO GO.  This store was fabulous.  HUGE selection of Japanese fabrics, notions, trims, etc.  So wonderful.  And good prices!  The fat quarters were only $2! I grabbed a huge stack.

These are some half yard cuts I picked up...check out the Heather Ross Far Far Away! So excited.

New stash - Japanese fabrics

Plus all 18 fat quarters I grabbed! And two Far Far Away remnant pieces that were 50% off.

New stash - Japanese fabrics

Following that, I did a little shop hop of my own around Southern CA and visited several stores.  I didn't get much (only spent $30 total, can you believe it!).  But part of what I found is below, check it out, American Jane pez!

New Stash

All in all, it was quite a satisfying trip, and I am super happy with my new stash.  I highly recommend visiting the Purl warehouse and Momen+ if you're in the area, they are well worth the trip, and more!  Both totally awesome, friendly staff and great selection.

In other exciting news, when I returned home I had a box waiting for me! My Vintage Sheet Swap fat quarters arrived!  How exciting.  Can't wait to make something fun from these.

Vintage Sheet Swap - received!

Overall, a great stash week! :)


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this is like fabric overload!! what a haul!!!

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