Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am so indecisive!

As I mentioned recently, I was lucky to join in for the latest round of the Pillow Talk Swap over on Flickr.  Right before I left on vacation I received my partner information.  I have until June 18 to make and send out a pillow to my partner based on their likes/inspiration, etc.

And now I am stumped!  I really loved the items shown in my partner's inspiration mosaic, they have some great stuff in their favorites list...but I just can't commit to a design!  I think I have a pretty good idea of what they want, but it's something I've never done before and I'm a little scared!  There is so much talent in these groups and I just don't want my partner to be disappointed!

I think I need to just sit down and start something.  If I wait too long I think it will make things worse, especially as time starts to pressure me.  And right now I'm home alone with nothing but time to sit and sew without interruption, so I reallllllly need to get this done before the hubby and baby get back and time escapes from me.

Plus I joined the Siggy Block swap being hosted by Jaybird Quilts, so I'm thinking about what to use to make those (and actually sitting down and making them), and I've got a bee block to complete for one of the modern quilt guild members for last month that I need to bring with me to our next meeting on June 19...I need to just sit down at the machine and get to it!

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