Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flickr Inspiration

Lately I've been thinking a lot about aqua and yellow. I've seen this color combo popping up a lot lately, and I love it!

I gathered today a bunch of aqua and yellow inspiration over at Flickr. I'm feeling the need to start a new quilt! But I need to finish all the others first!

Aqua and yellow inspiration

1. Vintage Contemporary Feedsack, 2. aqua & yellow mini quilt, 3. 4 - bedding and sunshine quilt, 4. mini quilt sparkle binding, 5. Aqua Daisies Quilting Weight, 6. Baby Mish Mash, 7. 3x6 Mini Bee Block, 8. Pincushion - Yellow Aqua, 9. Nursery Chair, 10. Boycotting Snow ~, 11. nicey jane by heather bailey for free spirit fabrics, 12. aqua + yellow, 13. Patchwork Rose in Yellow & Aqua, 14. Colorscheme--aqua,yellow, 15. yellow roses, 16. Summer Flowers*Aqua

Speaking of my other projects, I still haven't basted the Hunky Dory or Bliss quilts. I'm nearly finished piecing the purple and gray quilt that I mentioned recently. We're having a sew-in with the modern quilt guild next weekend so I'm hoping to get a bunch of stuff done then!

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