Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I received in the mail my new O2 quarter inch foot from Janome for my new Horizon 7700. As some of you may have heard, there's been some problems with some Horizons sewing over thick seams with the quarter inch foot. I was super sad when I had these problems from the get-go with my new machine.

Janome was said to be working on the problem and was designing a new quarter inch foot to alleviate the issue. I waited patiently to receive mine, nervously wondering all the while whether it would fix my problems. I tested out all the other features of the machine, and there were no other issues.

So today, the foot arrived! I immediately wanted to try it out, and luckily had some 9-patch blocks in progress that would be the perfect test. So I got the machine set up, and gave it a whirl.

And guess what? It worked PERFECTLY! I swear I nearly wept in gratitude! It was so smooth. Like buttah! It went right over the seams, no hitches, no veering, no slowing down, no clunking. I'm so happy! Yay! Now I can actually use the new machine. Relief!

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