Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quilt show wrap-up

The quilt show last week was a lot of fun! I met up with several of the ladies from the local modern quilt guild and we wandered around together, looking at the quilts and shopping.  It was a bit overwhelming, how much stuff there was to see! I think next time I'd actually plan on two to see all the quilts, and one to shop.  It was a lot to take in at once!

There was a lot of good fabric to be found. I told myself ahead of time that I wasn't going to buy randomly, that I was going to be very good, but that all flew out the window.  A couple of vendors had some really good stuff and I just couldn't resist.  The best vendor, hands-down, was Some Art Fabric.  She had tons of great Japanese prints plus lots of other yummy stuff. I got a bunch of Heather Ross from her plus some japanese prints.  A couple of other vendors had nice selections of fat quarters and I picked up a bunch of cute ones, including a bunch of Urban Chiks, which I was excited about.

First, my Heather Ross and japanese prints.

AQS quilt show stash 1

Next, random fun fabrics (including some Flea Market Fancy! The vendor actually had several prints and all of us in our group very quickly snatched them all up!)

AQS quilt show stash 2

And finally, the various Urban Chiks prints I picked up from a couple different vendors. I have a 1974 jelly roll so I grabbed those prints to use with that, plus of course I couldn't resist the Summer in the City prints.

AQS quilt show stash 3

I also bought some batting, which I don't have a picture of. It was a great price! They had 18"x18" square 'sample' pieces for $0.50! I bought a couple of those in different types (soy, bamboo, cotton), as well as a queen sized bamboo/cotton, just because it was sooooo soft, and at only $20, I just couldn't pass it up.

In other news, this past Saturday the modern quilt guild has a sew-in. We had a bunch of fabric given to us by a local charitable organization, and we used it to sew some baby items to donate to the organization. It was so much fun! I completed one baby blanket and am nearly done with another. I'll be finishing that one up to send off for donation as well. I also handed out my bee block fabrics, and can't wait to get those blocks back. I've seen a couple of girls post their completed blocks already on their blogs and Flickr and I am super excited.

It was a busy weekend, and on Sunday the family headed to Atlanta to Ikea to buy some more Expedit bookcases for my daughter's room and our living room, as well as a few other items. I came back with a few more pieces of fabric! A few Ikea fabrics (no picture), as well as these two from Whipstitch. I highly recommend visiting Whipstitch if you are in Atlanta, it's a very cute, nice store.

Freebird ovals

So, there has been way too much fabric acquisition in the last week. Yikes. Now I need to sew some of it up! I do have many many projects in various planning stages, and I need to get to them.


Leslie said...

nice fabric!!!

smarti said...

I bought some fabric from Ikea last month and ment to bring it to our guild meeting. Maybe I'll remember for next month (I know a few folks were interested in seeing some).

Stephanie *SP Diva* said...

Wow, you got a lot of great prints! The quilt show was overwhelming and I agree, I think two days would be great! Had a great time at sew'in too. Got to get out pics up this weekend!