Friday, July 2, 2010

New fabric storage!

I am excited to report that I am the proud new owner of an Ikea Expedit bookcase for my fabric storage!  A coworker/friend of mine traveled to Atlanta this last weekend for a trip to Ikea and told me if I wanted anything to let her know.  I asked her to pick me up the bookcase if she had room in the back of the truck after getting all her stuff, and lucky me, she had room for my boxes.

Hubby and I put it together and set it up this week, and I've thrown my fabric on it in an attempt to start getting organized.

My new fabric storage!

It nicely holds all my books and magazines on the bottom, without fear of shelves bending and breaking and everything falling, and I've tentatively placed my fabric and other bits on the rest of the shelves. Right now they are kind of broken down by color, or style, etc.  I have all my precuts on one shelf, all japanese fabrics on another, all solids on another, and the rest of my cut fabric separated by color.  It's still in the organization stage so it's likely this will change a bit.  I am also planning on refolding my fabric to uniform sizes so right now it's kind of haphazardly thrown on the shelves.  But I am happy to see that even with all my fabric on there (well, not ALL, I do have bunches of fat quarters in some boxes that have yet to be pulled out) I still have lots of room for expansion.  I think this is going to help immensely as far as keeping track of what I have and having everything out where I see it and use it.

In other news, I've started my DQS9 quilt.  I'm doing pink and grey spiderwebs.  Here's my progress as of a few nights ago.

DQS9 start

Just a little bit. I've since sewn a bit more and it's about double this size.  The plan is for there to be 9 full spiderwebs, so I've got a way to go.  I'm still not sure about how it's turning out, or whether my partner will like it.  My partner has been quite silent since the swap started, not much input lately, and none really on the swap itself and so I just don't know whether s/he will like it!  The plan is to finish it up, see what I think, and if I don't think it's good enough/the right style/etc., I'll just keep it for myself!

That's all for now.  I'm planning to head upstairs for a little bit of sewing tonight, and then enjoy the rest of the three day weekend!  Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!


teaginny said...

the pink and gray are gorgeous together!

Marcia said...

Hello....It's gorgeous! Are you kidding? I don't know who your partner is, but who wouldn't love that. Don't doubt yourself for a second.

Diane said...

You are going to love the bookcase forever and ever! and the pink and gray are lovely.