Friday, April 9, 2010

Mmm, fabric.

So, things have just been busy busy busy around here!  I don't know how the time has flown by since my last post, but suddenly I realized it had been another week...

Anyway, there's not been much sewing/crafting going on over here, again.  We've had visitors and so there's not been time.  But I did manage to find the time to order some yummy fabric. ;)

I've been drooling over Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabrics since they came out, and hemming and hawing over buying them.  I've wanted them since day one, but for some reason couldn't commit.

When the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow collection came out recently, same story. I instantly wanted them, but just couldn't commit!  Why??

So finally, tonight, I just said screw it and ordered myself the fat quarter bundles from Hawthorne Threads.  (Side note--Hawthorne Threads is seriously my new favorite online fabric shop.  No connection, I just love them.  They have EVERYTHING, great prices, fast shipping--what's not to love??)  I just threw them in my cart, punched in my gift certificate I'd been waiting to use, and hit submit before I could think twice!  And now, I wonder why they heck I kept waiting!  So yay, lovely fabrics will soon be winging their way to me. :)  And then I need to go on a fabric diet and buy no more as I seriously do not need any more fabric!  Hmm, we'll see if that happens.

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Miss Emily D. said...

I just ordered from them on Tuesday - thanks to you introducing me to them at the first guild meeting. I've been browsing their website for a while, but I finally took the jump and grabbed some of that Little Folks voile that I've been craving (and of course some other stuff!)! I totally agree though - great prices - amazing selection, and they shipped out the day I ordered them. What more can you ask for? Thanks for telling us about them!