Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guess what came to live at my house?!

You'll never believe this! I can barely believe it myself.  Guess what came to live with me?

Yep, a brand new Janome MC 6600P, which I just talked about recently.  Crazy!

Right after I posted about it, I stopped into the local Janome dealer just to "take a look."  Well, they didn't have any in stock.  They said it's very popular and they have a hard time keeping them in stock.  I figured this was probably a good thing, as I was sure if I had seen it in person I would want one.  So I told them I'd check in every so often and once they got one I'd stop in to see it.

Well, little did I know that after this, my husband starting calling around to all the Janome dealers nearby, checking to see if anyone had one.  Well, none of them did.  Until this week.  A day or two after he confessed to me he had been trying to find one, the local dealer got one in stock.  My husband called me at work to tell me he was going to pick it up!  I half-heartedly tried to talk him out of it, but it didn't work.  When I got home from work on Thursday it was waiting for me!  Since I learned of this machine I've checked out some Bernina's and a Husqvarna, as well as the Pfaffs online.  This one seemed to have a lot of great features and was the only one at a price range I could even begin to contemplate.

So this is my belated anniversary, Christmas, birthday, and probably next Mother's Day gift all rolled into one! I can't wait to try it out. I only opened the box today and I'm going to run upstairs right now and see if I can work up enough bravery to try sewing a stitch on it.  I started on the Village Frock the other day and I would love to finish it up on the new machine. Now I just have to give it a name....

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Marcia said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see the projects you'll make with her. Hope you keep a log of what you and she accomplish.