Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cute tiny dresses

Tonight I purchased the pattern for the Village Frock from Sugar City Shop.

Picture from Sugar City Shop - Village Frock

I want to make this dress for my daughter, I think it is so beautiful!  Very classic style, but still cute.  I've been inspired by these  gorgeous  fabulous  versions.

Although all of the versions I seem to be drawn to are made with solid fabrics with perhaps a pattern trim, I am drawn to these two prints in the new Amy Butler Love collection:

Amy Butler Love Water Bouquet Midnight

Amy Butler Love Memento Midnight

But I just don't know how these larger patterns would look in this dress.  Maybe I can find a nice neutral solid and use one for the binding?  But then I'd lose the impact of the large beautiful flower patterns.  Hmm, decisions, decisions...

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