Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog break!

Sorry everyone for the unintentional blog break!  And it's going to go on a little longer.

I haven't done much sewing since I got the new machine. I did piece one top (the Hunky Dory crazy 9 patch) and I made my hoop for the Scrappy Hoops Swap.  But otherwise I've just been too busy to do any crafting!  My husband, as I may have mentioned before, started a new job.  He's got crazy hours and so I'm home alone a lot with my daughter and she is a handful, which equals not much time for sewing.  And then we were all sick, and now my daughter has pink eye, and next week we're going to Disneyworld...

So! Due to all this craziness, I will probably not be able to post until we get back from our trip, on the 20th.  Wish me luck, that my daughter's pink eye is cleared up before we leave, and that Disneyworld is not packed with crazy people, and that we do okay with the 12 hour drive.  I'll be back soon!

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