Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing room = bit of a disaster area!

There's not much sewing going on at my house right now. The reason? My sewing room looks a bit like a bomb went off in it!

My husband and I decided to rearrange the furniture this past Monday while I had the day off. We managed to get the furniture--two large L-shaped desks--rearranged. But to do so we had to pull everything out and's not pretty.

I do have a picture of the desks in their new spot. (It's a little bit fuzzy, it's from my cell phone.)  We pushed them together to make a big surface in the middle I'll use for sewing and cutting. I'm super excited for all of this space! But you're only getting a picture of one half of the room. What you won't see is what's behind the camera--a huge pile of crap! ;)

Slowly but surely the room is being put back in order so hopefully I'll have some new sewing to show soon.

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