Tuesday, February 23, 2010

President of the club? Maybe vice-president. Or secretary.

Remember this post? I became a member of the official serious sewers club when I
sewed through my finger?

Well, I think I now deserve a higher position in that club. Because yes, I managed to injure myself again because of this hobby.

Tonight, while continuing to clean my sewing room after the big reorganization, I stepped on a random needle that had somehow fallen in the carpet. It jammed about an inch or so into my heel. Why yes, it hurt quite a bit!

But I am relieved it was my foot it went into, and not my daughter's or husband's or sister's, all of whom were in the room with me all afternoon Sunday. Guess I can be grateful for that!

I wonder, do I need a tetanus shot? Eww! ;)

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Leslie said...

wow you are having no luck...my downfall in my "sewing" room is my iron. i have burned my arm three times in the last few months.

ktquilts said...

Empathy cringes, sucking air through my teeth...ouch. Yes, if you can't remember when you last had a tetnus, then you probably need one. Sorry, but you must be healthy to sew another day!!