Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slowly but surely...

...progress is being made on the Pinwheel Baby Quilt.

I got all the pinwheels sewn together last night. Here I am auditioning them on the floor last night.

Pinwheel Quilt 4

Sorry for the crappy photo, I had the wrong lens on my camera and I just couldn't get far enough away from the quilt lying on the floor, even standing on a couch, hence the funky angle and weird photo.

I switched the pinwheels up a bit from this layout, for better distribution of the colors and fabric patterns, and I now have all the rows of three sewn together. Now I just need to sew the four rows together and I'll have the top mostly done, and I'll have to move onto the sashing and prairie points. That's the plan for tonight, hopefully I'll have a completed top tomorrow! (Or maybe Thursday...)

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whatktmadenext said...

This looks great! Love the colours and the layout and the coloured circle fabric on the 3rd row from top, 2nd left is fab.