Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt tutorial

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, and since then I've been a busy bee, sewing away.  A few days ago I started a new quilt, and wanted to put up some details on it with a little tutorial, as a few people on Instagram have expressed an interest in making one as well.

I was perusing Pinterest the other day, and came across a pin of a fair isle knitting pattern that immediately screamed out "quilt!" to me.

Right away, I had the urge to make a quilt with this pattern and colors. I NEEDED to make it!

So I set about breaking it down into manageable blocks so I could figure out how much fabric I needed, how many squares to cut, and generally how to piece it in a manageable way.

Now that I've figured this all out, I'm sharing it here for anyone else who wants to make one!

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt Tutorial

Fair Isle quilt mosaic

Approx. finished size - 70"x70"

Fabric Requirements:

Print 1 (pink) - scraps/pieces equal to 1/2 yd 
Print 2 (gold) - scraps/pieces equal to 2 1/8 yd 
Background (white) - scraps/pieces equal to 3 1/8 yd

Cutting instructions:

Print 1 (pink) - cut 5 strips 2.5" wide x WOF (width of fabric).  
Subcut each strip into 16 squares (for a total of 80 squares).  
If you're cutting from scraps, you need a minimum of 67 2.5"x2.5" squares (but it helps to have more for variety).

Print 2 (gold) - cut 29 strips 2.5" wide x WOF.  
Subcut each strip into 16 2.5"x2.5" squares. (for a total of 464 squares).  
If you're cutting from scraps, you need a minimum of 456  2.5"x2.5" squares.  Again, helps to have a bit extra for variety.

Background (white) - cut 44 strips 2.5" wide x WOF.  
Subcut each strip into 16 2.5"x2.5" squares (for a total of 704 squares).  
If you're cutting from scraps, you need a minimum of 702 2.5"x2.5" squares. 

The quilt is constructed in 25 7x7 blocks.  For ease of reference as I created the pattern, I labeled the rows 1-5, and the columns A-E.  So the top left block is 1A, bottom right is 5E, etc.  

In the mosaic above, each block is outlined to make it easy to replicate.  However, if it's easier for you to view a single block at a time, click through to my Flickr account (click the Flickr widget on the right -->) and I have a photo listed of each block, labeled as mentioned above (all the first row are labeled Left to Right 1A-E, second row, 2A-E, etc.)

In constructing the blocks, I find it easiest to lay out all the pieces ahead of time, then stack up each row.  I then chain piece the entire block, pressing the seams of each row in opposite directions so the rows next together.  It also helps to try to remember, as you move from block to block, to keep track of the way the seams are pressed in the blocks above and below and on each side so that you can make sure all seams nest  together appropriately when you assemble the blocks together into your quilt top.  I'm sorry I don't have more photos to share as I made the blocks, but I forgot to take photos!

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt.

I've started piecing my version, and have a few blocks from the top left corner done so far!  If you want to follow my progress, I'm tagging my photos on Instagram (I'm @JenniferLGB) with #scrappyfairislequilt.

I'm sticking to the mustardy yellow/peachy pink color scheme of the original inspiration photo.  I really love how it's turning out so far and how the pattern slowly materializes as you go!  (Pardon my somewhat crude design wall.)

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt.

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt.

Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt.

There you go! I hope this information is helpful to those who may be interested in making their own Scrappy Fair Isle Quilt!  If you are making one, I'd love to see it!  Please leave me a comment, or if you're on Instagram, tag it #scrappyfairislequilt!

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Thank you

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

This is a brilliant idea and I love how you have worked out the details. Your colour choices are looking good. Hope it looks every bit as wonderful as you have imagined once finished.

Beth said...

Lovely idea! I am really looking forward to seeing your progress :)

LOTJE said...

Just working on something similar in red and white - great idea and colors you have!

Valerie said...

Curious if your Fair Isle Quilt is still in progress? I think it's a beautiful pattern and I was wondering how the scrappy background turned out in the end!